International Conference on Language Variation in Europe


Malaga, 06 June-09 June 2017





CREDIT-CARD PAYMENT (MasterCard or Visa) 

Please follow carefully the next steps:

  1. Please open the “Seminar or conference code” menu and type in “iclave9”.



2.  You will find our Congress in a big list where all the Conferences of the University are included (select the Iclave9 option):



3.  Please enter your name and the amount you want to pay (remember that if you are attending the Conference dinner you should make TWO different payments: one for the conference and one for the dinner [68,00 euros]).
Please click on the “I have read and agreed with the registration conditions of this seminar or conference” button.
Please click next on the “Pay order” button.



4.  The system will guide you now to a confirmation-sheet of your data: the amount that you are going to pay and your name. Please click on the “Pay order” button if the information is correct.


5.  Now you will be transferred by the system to the Bank application (Unicaja).
You will see the amount you entered on the previous steps.
Please enter your credit card number, the expiry date and the CVS.
Please click on the “Pay” button.



6. Now you will get a confirmation of payment. You can now print it clicking on the “Print” button and keep it for your payment control.
We do not need the receipt; the system will let us know that you have ordered your payment.
Please press the “Continue” button to continue.



7. Finally, you will receive a confirmation that the transaction is finished. Thank you for following these steps: